A Pair Of Glasses

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A Pair Of Glasses

#1 Post by SivaRamanathan » 01 Dec 2012, 20:43

From the general ward in the eye hospital
it was the last of my needlings, simply because I refused to go in for further treatment,
I had sneezed while Dr. Velayudhan Pillai was coaxing the cataract in my eyes
towards a corner to make it dissolve in the skin.
Grandfather and grandmother told me stories
of Shiva and Parvathi being asked to sit with a needle
to pick up spilt food. Grandfather said, ’’ Shiva, you know,’’
and how would I know? ‘’You will,’’ as he has the third eye.
I too had two eyes,I didn’t know they were useless then.
so when the Doctor gave me artificial lenses I felt power.
The power of colour. Often I thought they were my third eye,
but when I closed my eyes my lenses became useless
I had to force my third eye to open into a reality land
what I saw there became my first poem
lamp posts were lamp posts and the white chalk cat
was a figure drawing on the black board.

Sivakami Velliangiri

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