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Human Evolution

Posted: 14 Aug 2013, 09:02
by SnickleFrittes
Nothing really ever changes.
It seems like it does,
but really it’s just all in the cycle.

Life is good,
we change lovers.
We move into bigger homes.
We get raises and promotions.
Things seem to change.

Like the cycle of the addict.
When life gets worse,
and we find a way to cope.

Some get into drugs.
Those are the ones we hear about,
the alcoholics.
What you don’t realize is everyone has their way to escape.

Where do you think the neat freaks come from?
Or the cat lovers?
Or the movie lovers?
Or the car lovers?
Or the gym rats?
Or the workaholics?

Everyone has something they use to cope.

The difference is,
for many of us,
peace is an elusive thing.
Only found with that next hit.

We think we see change.
This illusion is just a change in scenery.
The essence remains.

The cat lovers are cat lovers.
The movie lovers are movie lovers.
The car lovers are car lovers.
The gym rats are gym rats.
The workaholics are workaholics.

Nothing really ever changes.
Be careful of how you choose to cope,
because the way you cope becomes who you are.

Re: Human Evolution

Posted: 20 Aug 2013, 02:25
by FrankDyer
Its not really poetry is it Snic? Its a long ponder on life, but you don't really express a coherent thought or provide us with new insights to muse over. The language is mundane and some of it is pretty banal. I suppose this is why no one has bothered to write a review.