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covent garden

Posted: 08 Sep 2013, 02:32
by ednamode
Covent Garden station
small intimate central
door to stylised boho.
Blot out Marks and Spencer,
thin end of the wedge.

Metal morphosis displaying art,
glistening pieces of erotic steel.
Prince Albert wands and rings
some jeweled, some plain.
Adore in pleasure, adore in pain.

Women rush to their gigs.
Numerous clubs and bars,
shards of neon lights.
Will the punters be generous?
Exhausting both day and night

Drags and trannies the village glitterati,
made up, bling and haughty.
Mincing in high heels, loving attention,
long legged muscular and strong
slightly deep of voice.

Beautiful men park Harleys,
They stand in regimented rows;
like their owners they are shiny and new.
Strong hands touch, lovers kiss,
hand in hand in Compton street.

Cafe Boheme
table and chairs decorate the pavement
croissants salmon and scrambled eggs
watching my muse in their tribal dress.
I sit here for hours.

Re: covent garden

Posted: 17 Sep 2013, 03:54
by ChanHurst
This was a bit long for my personal taste, but strong imagery throughout. Well done and well-expressed.

Re: covent garden

Posted: 17 Sep 2013, 13:48
by ednamode
Thank you ChanHurst appreciate your comments.