No tittle (work in progres)

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No tittle (work in progres)

#1 Post by Smmrtmestos » 10 Feb 2014, 02:09

And for the first time
I think I’ve found
What I’ve been looking for
I have seen a fire in my heart
I’ve looked all around
For my place in life
For the day I open my eyes
And now
I have a reason to keep breathing
A reason to let go
Free fall in a love
I never knew I could find
Found it just in time
Inside this dark heart of mine

I’m pushing through
I’m breaking apart
But I don’t mind
A flame in the dark
I feel
I’ve found a way
To see the light
I’ve found life in
This torn apart heart I have
On this worn out
Path I stand
Held by three things
You me and the memories

Written By Andrey A.

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