The Pharmacist

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The Pharmacist

#1 Post by dyerfrank » 31 Mar 2014, 02:28

Asking for a remedy
He met with an impasse
No can do, more than my job’s worth

Dai Toad would not give anything
for nothing. He could imagine him telling
Her, act dull, play safe.

He tapped the counter
What to do, he stared at her
For as long as was polite
He noticed her eyes

Their texture weaved a lovely
pattern of light that drew you in.
There were galaxies
there, spinning in the light.

She noticed him staring
She knew she had eyes that cast
spells on old men, little
boys and wannabe lovers.

Who is your doctor?"
"Jones the Bridge."
"Oh! him."

"Try Evans the Boat,
very thorough
and follows through."

An offering posted 2011 by Frank Dyer, my alter ego, and edited for length and substance

The Welsh have a problem with surnames, they have dozens of Jones living in the same village and life gets very confusing without nicknames. Jones the Bridge had his surgery situated on the old bridge hence the name. Evans loved boating so much people had a very difficult job getting him to come out on weekends so the name stuck.

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Re: The Pharmacist

#2 Post by meenas17 » 14 Jun 2014, 08:56

An irony runs throughout the poem.
The medicine across the counter and the eyes cast a spell on old and attract the young let us know of the place and the people .
The names Jones the Bridge and Evans the Boat brings a smile.
Nicely done.

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Re: The Pharmacist

#3 Post by FranklyDire » 14 Jun 2014, 22:43

Well, thank you on behalf of DyerFrank, he's a cousin of mine. Now that I look on it I see it needs work.

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