Ode To a Peacock

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Ode To a Peacock

#1 Post by meenas17 » 09 Apr 2014, 19:45

Up on the hillock,
up on the grassy lock,
up over a marshy block,
up at the strike of the clock,
amidst a happy flock,
there was a lovely slot.

A dainty entry from the hills,
with a sharp bill,
with a sapphire fill,
calling in a voice shrill,
made its way in a drill,
it was an enticing dance.

The colourful feathers spread grand,
opened up like a canopy on a land,
throwing out shiny elegance in a brand,
the dense feathers enchanted the band,
it appeared as an action of a magic wand,
It created a trance.

The danseuse beckoned the gaiety of north,
it greeted the pleasantries of south,
it solicited the charm of west,
it bowed to the grace of the oriental east,
exhibiting a marvellous feat,
it was a concert best.

Hopping it went ahead,
jumping it trotted back,
elaborating it moved right,
accelerating it speeded left,
displaying a nimble footed treat,
it held everyone in toes.

Crooning goes round the peahen
singing tunes of love in tens,
kindling the peacock to dance in sevens,
enthralling the spectators to a rhapsodical events,
Good God! it was nothing but heavens,
it was a beautiful romance.

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Re: Ode To a Peacock

#2 Post by ryan » 18 Apr 2014, 03:51

I couldn't even find a helpful place to start a critique. I suppose read other 'stuff'. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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Re: Ode To a Peacock

#3 Post by meenas17 » 27 Apr 2014, 17:30

A kind comment.

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