Found in Conference Room

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Found in Conference Room

#1 Post by Kenneth2816 » 28 Oct 2019, 15:32

0700 Cisco/ATOS annual Threat Interdiction .

Good Morning, gentlemen. Today we will begin by addressing recent comments in the news regarding Second Civil War. (SCW)

Right wing origin. Given as response should impeachment occur. The President
has twice retweeted the words of others.

This is tantamount to a de facto endorsement. Should this occur, the President becomes a legal "hard target" as leader of opposition forces.

Kill chain: Secret Service indoctrinates agents with " lone gunman" scenario and worst case, a sleeper call hit squad of 3 to 5.

Mar a Lago:

Strike force of 25 with conventional civilian weapons utilizing a triangulated ingress has a simulation factor of 91%.

** I work for the largest private security firm in the US

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