Rows of Unanswered Poems

Poets post their works-in-progress here for crit and commentary. We want poets who are serious about getting their work published.
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Rows of Unanswered Poems

#1 Post by FrankDyer » 14 Mar 2013, 02:11

After a while I noticed
people gave up
as if responding was beneath them.
Or maybe they were upset, some
complained that no one wrote a critique
on their masterpiece...
only it wasn't
good enough to be place in any class.

Few thanked the poet who laboriously
followed the forum rules, who
painstakingly poured over the dross
of others and attempted to make
sense and order from the chaos.

Some poets presented the same work time after time
in a different dress, and we groaned
within. The forum attracted more members,
but the communal spirit had gone.
Rows of poems with one comment
sat waiting for interaction, but it is as if
they were all dead to the work of others.

We know the world does not understand
poetry, and that the world does not
value poetry, but when estanblished
artists ignore their fellow artists work it becomes

Is it so hard to respond? or even thank the
poet who replied, even if it was rubbish
at least he read it, at least he tried.

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Re: Rows of Unanswered Poems

#2 Post by Woetrame » 29 Mar 2013, 02:25

Oh, this is a shame, I targeted you for critique but this is clearly not something you would ever intend to publish.

Instead you have my sympathies, and I'll look out for something else - Or PM me something you think was ignored.

I'm infrequent though, so don't expect speed.

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Re: Rows of Unanswered Poems

#3 Post by ednamode » 16 Sep 2013, 01:37

yes i agree with the above reply. how sad. Even though i read many posts on hear i have not commented as much as maybe i should do because of my lack of expertise, well no expertise at all really. However your poem has promoted me to give more feed back, even if only to say "i really like this or sorry i have read it but i do not understand it"

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