Anesce on TQT Talking about Making Tea

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Anesce on TQT Talking about Making Tea

#1 Post by RamanathanSiva » 04 Dec 2020, 20:45

Saturday night, on Zoom Show, our Anesce
performed the tea ceremony
showing us how to mix the green tea
how to pour the boiled water and let it stay
before the filter.

She was graceful and practiced
we watched how her hands danced
in slow motion, using only two fingers
it was as if she was riding an imaginary cycle
with her hands, moving with elan.

I watched her demonstrate
Tea Making Ceremony, Mandakini asked spirituality?
I hint at the shady, she knows too much
she tells me only what decency permits.

I attended a Tea Ceremony at Lalit Kala Academy
it was a wellness show.
I want to ask her
how she carries her mat, mug, kettle, and pots
in all her travels,
but I respect her who respects her tea
on a thrice-daily basis.

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